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Who we are
The business group CONVERS was establi-shed in Berlin during the 90s. The company´s numererous fields of activity cover national and international ground. The four operating areas are: company´s pension scheme, finance services, financing and real estate. Those areas offer an huge variety of services. However, there is one thing they have in common :  innovative thinking and creative solutions, more service, more flexibility and as a result of this better qualitiy of life. We are glad to ensure you, that we really take care of these responsibilities.
Philosophy     Increasing quality -
a challenge for us
In all operating areas our motivation for you will be : thinking and acting in a more innvoative way, offering more services, more flexibility, more transparency and more qualitiy of life. We are clearly orientated towards strategic business solutions and therefore we take new challenges every day being able to find appropriate answers. This is the reason for following consequently our values : flexibility, qualitiy, growth. For our customers we stand for the best.
Our values             Variety –
perspective through an wide program
All services we offer are different. But it is this variety that includes good chances of creating networks which open special dimensions for us. Variety gives also the possibility of synergies and sharpens the view for a global perspective towards human beings and possibilities.
For our customers we stand for the best.

Clear orientation of our actions

You can only be successful in a business that you really understand. Therefore we concentrate on what we are able to do : our principal competences. In every single operating area we always follow the aim to reach the best which means the right strategy, but also technical knowlegde, the commitment of our team and cooperation with our partners for a powerful and successful future.

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