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Company´s pension scheme
The Convers Capital Management Ltd. as an independent supplier of financial services and Dr. Rödl & Partner, an independent agency of accountancy, tax consulting and lawyers are cooperating closely. The services of our companies complement each other in a way that we can offer individual solutions both for companies and for suppliers of financial services. However, according to requirements, we can return to standard solutions. Our offers include insurance reports, conceptions and administrative services for supporting systems (congruently reassured and globally remunerated) and for models of time accounts (accounts of working time). In addition to this, we can offer you the outsourcing of retirement obligations, the key-man maintenance of leading personal, as well as we can help you to carry out the legal right of conversion of remuneration.
The societies
As a modern agency of accountancy, Dr. Rödl Penstreuhand Ltd. offers you all services from the area of administration and reservation for the maintenance of supporting systems, time accounts (accounts of working time) as well as confirmations for individuals or staff (confirmations of retirement).
The Rödl & Partner Institut for modern systems of remuneration and company´s pension scheme can offer you a consulting in all questions of the company´s pension scheme and will elaborate your personal optimal conception of maintenance and provision for your company, for you and your collaboraters. As we are a company of financial services, we give you the possibility to work out an optimal solution that is tailor-made for your client.
The advantageous conception
The state system of provision for old age is critized more and more and the state´s payment of  legal retirement will constantly sink. Therefore, for those who want to make sure to be financially secure after retirement we recommand to take precautions already now. Here, one important aspect is the company´s pension scheme, which has been strengthened by the government in the last years creating the Law of Property for Old Age People and the Law of Income for Old Age People.
… for a secured future
The Dr. Rödl Penstreuhand Ltd. is helps you with all issues regarding company´s pension scheme and shows you advantages in tax and business management. As a particular performance we offer you plans for provision of old age financed by the employer and the employee. Also we offer you different support systems, like for example the Dr.Rödl Pensionsfonds 1 – 3 (PPF) and support systems which are independent of an insurrance and which guarantee the companies and the supplier of financial services a maximum of variety in the different possibilites of reassurement.
In case of any question do not hesitate to get in touch with :
Michael Stiller

Director of competence center / time accounts

eMail: m.stiller@convers-gruppe.de

Michael Stiller

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